Bulldog 93.3's team strongly values the people who create the music our community is known for, and we invite local artists to submit their recordings to us for play on the radio.

The only way to submit your music to Bulldog 93.3 is through the form on this page.  Please carefully read these instructions before submitting your music.  We are only able to consider submissions that follow these instructions completely.

  • While we do not have enough on-air availability to broadcast all of the albums and songs we receive, we do review the content that you send us to the best of our ability.
  • Submit only music that you and/or your band has created.  (We take general music requests too, but this is not the correct form for that).
  • Send us only your best ONE radio-appropriate song.  Of course we love listening to entire albums of new music, but with the massive number of submissions we receive we are only able to hear your best track.  Sending only your single top track helps our staff give your song the attention it deserves.
  • Broadcast-grade audio fidelity and production quality are essential.  We pride ourselves on making Athens local airwaves accessible to local musicians, and it is important for us to maintain a high level of quality for the content we give the station's listeners.  Remember, this quality can only be as good as it's source material.  Therefore, truly lossless FLAC and WAV file types are prioritized.  Additionally, the production quality must be at a level that is appropriate in a professional broadcast environment.  To be more candid, if you recorded it on your cell phone or if the recording quality is poor we won't be able to broadcast it.  MP3's are strongly discouraged, but if you do send an MP3 make sure it is a high bitrate.
  • While we do consider all submissions, artists that are local to the Athens Area are generally prioritized higher.
  • Make sure your content is appropriate for a family friendly audience.  No profanity or objectionable content.  Political content is not allowed.
  • Audio files must be submitted directly through the form on this page.  At this time we are unable to extract music from other platforms including social media sites or online streaming services.  We direct phone callers wanting to submit music to this page.
  • Thoroughly complete the web form.  We are only able to broadcast content that is accurately documented.  We are only able to broadcast content from senders who provide complete and correct information.

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