Bulldog 93.3 promotes Athens Area nonprofit organizations with gratis 30-second public service announcements on the radio.  Learn the steps for submitting public service announcements here.



  • PSA requests from organizations headquartered within the listening area of Bulldog 93.3 are prioritized, but we do consider all requests.
  • Our broadcast license from the Federal Communications Commission does not allow us to broadcast any political messages.
  • Messages must exclusively promote a nonprofit or event.  Free PSAs may not mention any business name or event organized by a for profit business.
  • Messages must be family friendly, broadcast appropriate, and they must not harm the reputation of the radio station.
  • All PSAs must promote organizations and events that are available to everybody.  Messages must not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, age, disability, etc., etc.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any PSA campaign at any time without notice.



  • You must write your scripts and email them to us for approval.  We are not able to commit the time to researching each nonprofit to the extent needed to draft PSAs.  Scripts are more effective when written by the people with a detailed knowledge the nonprofit's promotional needs. 
  • That said, your submission does not need to be perfect.  We will happily help with corrections, revisions, and verbiage before production and scheduling.
  • Each single script has a firm 30 second maximum duration, but shorter scripts are permitted.  Before you submit your script, time yourself reading it in a normal voice.  Scripts that exceed this time limit will be sent back to you for revision.
  • Be sure your scripts mention your nonprofit name, event date/time/location (if applicable), your nonprofit's mission, and contact information.  Note that websites are preferred over phone numbers since reading a phone number (especially multiple times) is time-consuming for a script's 30 second time limit, and listeners are much more likely to remember a website.



  • PSA scheduling is versatile.  We are able to (and prefer to) promote both time-sensitive events as well as evergreen messages that are always relevant and don't expire.
  • Single radio scripts become repetitive quickly, so it is ideal for us to have multiple rotating scripts from the organizations we promote.  A rotation of 4 or 5 "evergreen" (always relevant) scripts in rotation is ideal, in addition to any time-sensitive event scripts.
  • Our PSAs are categorized by nonprofit organization.  Recording more scripts does not mean more air time for an organization, but it does mean a more diverse and fresh message (specific scripts follow a rotation).  Multiple scripts are important so that specific spots do not become excessively repetitive.
  • Due to short staffing and time constraints it is necessary for us to create and schedule all of the time-sensitive and evergreen scripts in one instance that will be used for the upcoming 6-12 months (as opposed to frequently adjusting the campaign prior to each event).  This is important.
  • Time-sensitive event promotional scripts must be created at least 15 days before they are scheduled to air.  Unfortunately we are unable to schedule last-minute script requests as doing do would require us to delete and reschedule our entire spot roster.


Promote your nonprofit on Bulldog 93.3.  General manager Paul Francis receives this form.